TRANSCENDENT is a short film inspired by the visionary writings of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Following one woman's journey to find her true place in the world; TRANSCENDENT is a different kind of 'Homecoming' story loosely adapted from Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth'. It lives somewhere between art film, surrealist experiment, and horror film.

Prince: Montreux 2013 (Night 3)

When Prince comes to the Montreux Jazz Festival, all bets are off. On his third visit to the Swiss Riviera for the 47th edition of the event, he was given carte blanche over three consecutive, sold-out evenings and appeared determined to cover as many bases as possible. The third concert saw the European debut of his all-girl rock band 3rdeyegirl and Prince closing out his final Montreux appearance with an inspired sampler set.

Al Jarreau - Ohne Filter Germany 1994

Near perfect quality Pro-shot broadcast recording of Al Jarreau, recorded live at the Ohne Filter Extra, during 1994. 1. Mas Que Nada (6:20) 2. Roof Garden (5:33) 3. Your Song (6:03) 4. Summertime (7:38) 5. You Don't See Me (7:04) 6. Take Five (8:34) 7. Says (3:59) 8. We're In This Love Together (4:42) 9. C.C. Rider (7:45) 10. Credits (0:46)

Dead or Alive: Rip it Up Live 1988

The ultimate Dead or Alive concert Extravaganza. filmed before sell-out crowds in Tokyo and Osaka. Non-stop stimulation from the masters of high energy!

Sammy Stops the World 1978

A man who sells coffee for a living gets his boss's daughter pregnant. This changes his life and eventually leads to his becoming a powerful business tycoon with no moral center. (TCM)


Olivia is the Bride of disaster. She eagerly awaits her groom, the impending crisis that approaches.

Fussballspiele 1976

An attractive montage of a vivid and often tense highlights from the soccer field ... Headers, fouls, dribbling, runs, goalmouth dramas are juxtaposed, slowed down, repeated and at the same time embellished acoustically in such an apt and lively manner by the music of the leading German jazz and rock guitarist Volker Kriegel, that even the viewer spoilt by live soccer will enjoy seeing it. The artistes of the bid ball become leading dancers at the penalty mark. Slow motion, animation, modification or restriction of color further lend emphasis to the close interaction with the musical movements, achieving a positive unity, regardless weather attention is focussed on the goalkeeper, on team play, on vigorous tackling or on goalmouth excitement, which are all synchronized in sequence form with the musical sections. The film contains extracts from 13 first division soccer games in Germany. –Joachim Kreck

Ey Iran 1990

Towards the end of the Shahanshah's reign, Sergeant Makvandi is assigned the commander of the gendarmerie station in a small town. A stern disciplinarian, Sergeant Makvandi tries to impose order at the station but, being as degenerate as his subordinates, he fails to re-store discipline. faced by rebellious crowds, he imposes martial law, but people outwit him by mailing to his address a forged letter which "promotes the sergeant and ends the curfew". Makvandi tries to intimidate a school teacher into writing a song which he wants the students to sing on the day his "promotion" comes into effect. But the teacher refuses to give in, for he and his students are preparing to sing a new song, the song of revolution.