Dread Beat an' Blood 1979

Profile of Linton Kwesi Johnson whose poetry is rooted very strongly in feelings of marginalisation and alienation found within urban black populations in the UK. Johnson, born in Jamaica in 1952, has deliberately chosen to align himself with the oral poetic tradition of the West Indies, in which the poet is not isolated and introspective, but has a definite social role as a commentator and interpreter, as a public voice around which people can gather. As he says in the film, "The spoken word has more immediacy: it reaches more people, than written poetry could ever do." The concerns of his poetry are the concerns of the community within which he moves: the young black working-class people of inner city London who, mainly unemployed, are disaffected and disillusioned. […] The film follows Johnson as he read his poems in a school, works at the Keskidee centre, records an LP, and recites at a march in Bradford. […] (British Universities Film & Video Council)

The DJ/Producer Series: Making Beats

Learn the essentials of electronic music production-Includes instruction on beat making using drum machines, samplers, keyboards, sample CDs, and more. Describes a simple 5-part method for making beats. Also introduces you to todayâs hottest software tools. Approximately 90 minutes.

Chris Cree Brown: Electronic Composer 1980

“Sonic artist” Chris Cree Brown discusses composing with new media and how he orchestrates particular sounds into formal compositional structures. Some sounds are made instrumentally, while others are recorded from his environment. In 1980 few classically-trained musicians in New Zealand experimented with synthesized sound and the gloriously large and sturdy equipment Brown uses to create his music will be of sure anthropological interest to many musos. The documentary was recorded with no script to capture the true art of creation.

Dr. Devious: More Dance in Cyberspace 1993

Let Doctor Devious and the wise men take you on a journey to cyberspace. As you travel through, take a hold and feel the incomprehensible power, relax… Reach for the alpha state where your subconscious resides.

Cinema Cinema

Director Shah Krishna compiled this compelling documentary of Indian cinema after spending two years searching through film archives from all over the world. Included are films from the turn of the 20th century through the 1970s to illustrate various schools of filmmaking and the historical progression of the art form.

On Tour 1972

Fluxus artist and composer Takehisa Kosugi assembled a crew of young musicians and hit the road in a VW bus from Rotterdam to the Taj Mahal, playing a series of shows along the way in which the band used traditional instruments run through a series of electronic effects to create long sheets of drone both pulsing and timeless. Filmed by Takehisa Kosugi's mentor Matsu Ohno (perhaps best known in the States for his sound effects/score work on the television series Astro-Boy), the film moves at the same pace as the music itself, a pastoral road movie following a band far more likely to play temples than clubs.