Devil Abyss 1990

A Thai lord rapes and abuses his female slaves. One of his victims kills herself, returns as a ghost and kills him. One hundred years later, the reincarnation of the Thai lord purses the reincarnation of the girl driven to suicide. Will history repeat itself?

Midnight Shade 1990

In a small Thai village, a man turns into a werewolf-like creature during full moons and proceeds to rape women before ripping their hearts out and eating them.

Corpse Hunter 1972

A psycho starts killing women (including a striptease dancer) and raping their corpses. When that doesn't work out for him, he digs up graves and has his way with the bodies. Police attempt to trap the corpse rapist by baiting him with a beautiful policewoman.

If Looks Could Kill 1987

Private eye George accepts the job to shadow a woman and to film her on video. But it's a set-up: the film is manipulated and used against him when the woman is killed. He has to prove his innocence against a load of circumstantial evidence.

The Magic Man 1986

A commando jungle action movie takes a weird turn toward the end when one of the soldiers miraculously transforms into an ass-kicking werewolf. Footage from this later ended up in the Filmark movie "Mad Move."

Evil Heart 1985

Two childhood friends are brutaly separeted when one of them died on a accident, soon after the other one get a heart disease, but she get a transplantation from her friend, And just a few days later, she begin to be haunted by her, who want to take back her organ.

The Dark Myth 1990

DARK MYTH is the twisted tale of Takahashi, a young innocent who is persecuted by the evil, powerful Kikuchi clan because he bears the "mark of the serpent". Haunted by the murder of his father ten years earlier, Takahashi finds himself embroiled in an ancient scheme when the Kikuchi clan, direct descendants of the five original families of Japan, identify him as the man sent to destroy them.

Ghostly Affection 1987

Three goons murder an innocent young woman and, since she died violently, she returns as a fearful ghost called "Phi Tai Hong." She starts killing people, including those responsible for her death... but isn't willing to stop just there.